Broken yEncoders and newsreader

Unfortunately some newsreader and autoposters are creating malformatted yEncoded messages.
This is annoying to the neticens for the newsgroups.
If you are using such a "broken tool" then please remove it from your disk - or dont use it for posting with yEnc.

I dont want to "police" the Usenet - but you should be at least informed that these applications do not work properly.
I am sure that the developers have been notified - and some are/will offering updates. But these OLD releases should disappear quickly!


Labelling single part messages as multipart (28.03.2003)

These two autoposter applications are labelling single part messages as multipart messages. This would be compliant to the yEnc spec - and the implementation notes. But some newsreaders are having problems with such posts. So please avoid to post with:

Jürgen Helbing - 22. March. 2002 - Email: