Contacts for yEnc

How to reach someone....

Questions concerning your newsreader

Please contact the vendor or the programmer of your newsreader directly. We are not familiar with most tools which are listed on this site.
The newsgroup "" is also a good forum for asking reader-specific questions.

Questions concerning availability of tools for your operating system

Please check the "tools" pages - for Windows/Apple/Linux/Others.
This is our current knowledge about tools. We dont know more.

Flames aka "yEnc is shit"

Please send such messages to the newsgroup "alt.flames".
yEnc has proven its function and benefits in millions of messages - and it wont go away ever.
Try to find a better newsreader - use external decoders or "yProxy" for Windows.

Proposals for changings to yEnc

There is no intention to make changes to the latest yEnc draft. Feel free to contact
The newsgroup "" is also a good forum for discussing basics.

Developers questions about the implementation and testing of yEnc

Feel free to contact

Jürgen Helbing - 10. June 2002 - Email: