yEnc for Linux

List of newsreaders and tools for Linux, Unix & Co.

Please keep in mind that al these tools (and/or the sourcecode) are not verified and might not suit your personal needs!
There is no support from here for these tools and/or sourcecodes. Please contact the creators/vendors/programmers.

Type Status Name Contact URL
Reader   Pan 0.11.3 - a newsreader for GNOME Charles Kerr
Reader   BNR2: Newsreader for LINUX with yEnc support Patrick Aalto
    yencode 0.25 Don Moore
    yydecode (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, OsX (Darwin) Liyang Hu
    yEnc-poster for UNIX (tested with Linux) Thore Harald Hoye
Source free yDec for LINUX
external freeware decoder source code completely rewritten version
Harry Roelle
Source free yDec for Linux (modified ydec.exe) Michael Gaskins from his site yenc-linux-1_0_tar.tar
Source free yDec patch for Linux Michael Jochum
Source free yDec for FreeBSD (Unix) Brian Schellenberger
Source free Changes to yDec for Unix Wang C. Lam yenc-diff.txt
Source free Changes to yDec for Linux Pascal Schuppli
Source free Patch to yDec for Posix (perhaps also Mac OsX) Mathew Mueller ydec-1_0.patch.txt
Source free yDec for SunOS 5.0 (and Linux) Mike Liang
Decoder   UUD32 - universal decoder (UU, base64, yEnc) Brian T. Schellenberger
Proxy free Linux based proxy - converting yEnc->UUenc 'on the flight' Torben Rybner
Grabber adware getbinnews v1.07 Frederic Bricourt
AutoPost   newspost 2.0 Austin Shaw Hall
Grabber   Newsgrab Jesper L. Nielsen

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