Opponents to yEnc

"yEnc is bad" - or "yEnc is good"

There are people who dont like yEnc.
Some dont like every kind of change (as long as their tools do not support them) - some have "better" ideas or formal requirements.
Here are the two most popular "anti-yEnc" sites:

Jeremy Nixon made a proposal for his "better binary posting": http://www.exit109.com/~jeremy/news/binaries/
Those who read it carefully will see that it also contains yEnc. It is based on MIME headers which could one day improve the way we all post binaries to Usenet. In all encodings. Unfortunately these (good) proposals are sleeping.

Claus Färber's analysis is technically demanding and complex - but not constructive. No "next steps" can be expected from him.

Some people dont like yEnc - simply because their newsreader does not support it.
It is high time for them to upgrade or change right now.

There is no sign that the current situation will change in the next few years:
yEnc is now the leading format for large Usenet binaries. All major Usenet-applications are supporting yEnc meanwhile - and the rest does not care.
We have waited a few months if "better" solutions would be possible - but they are not.

Jürgen Helbing - 10. June 2002 - Email: yenc@infostar.de