yEnc for special environments

List of newsreaders and tools for Java, Perl, ....

Please keep in mind that al these tools (and/or the sourcecode) are not verified and might not suit your personal needs!
There is no support from here for these tools and/or sourcecodes. Please contact the creators/vendors/programmers.

What Type Status Name Contact URL
Java Decoder src Java Decoder source code Alex Rass
Java GUI   GUI for that JAVA dec. James Simmons
Java Decoder   Yence Marcel Schepers
Perl Decoder   Perl decoder Jaume Bacardit
OS/2 Decoder   for "eComStation -OS/2" Gene Alexander
Pascal Decoder     Paul
OS/2 Decoder   UUDeview Paul
OS/2 Decoder   yDec.exe for OS/2 Mark Hale
ActiveX     ActiveX Control for yEnc/Dec Brian Seekford
Java Web   NewsBro (news->web) Michael B.
OS/2 Grabber   News Harvest Kingsley
Windows Viewer   VuePrint Ed Hammrick
VMS yDec   VMS (alpha/axp) port Igor Kachaev
Amiga     Encoder and Decoder Ian Chapman
OS/2 Grabber   GetYourNews.exe Nathan Woodruff
MsDos Decoder   yDec for 16 bit MsDos port Ingo Brueckl
PHP Decoder src yDec port Rasmus Schultz
Quick Basic Decoder src yDec port Norman Kravatz yenc.bas

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