yEnc for Windows

List of newsreaders and tools for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Windows 3.* see bottom.

Please keep in mind that all these tools (and/or the sourcecode) are not verified and might not suit your personal needs!
There is no support from here for these tools and/or sourcecodes. Please contact the creators/vendors/programmers.


Type Status Name Contact URL
Reader pay Forte Agent >= 1.92 (full version) Forte Inc.
Reader free Gravity Al Choy
    ZeoNews J.B. Moreno
Robot   SBNews Scott Baker
Encoder free yEnc32 Steve
Decoder   UUD32 V2.10 Mark Spankus
    NewsShark W. Mike Hare
    GrabIt Mattijs Riekerk
    NewsReactor J.B. Moreno
BinReader share -noex GigaNews Uwe Keller
  pay NewsBin Version V4.0B22 Kees Stravers
Decoder free TyDecoder TyEncoder Steve
Reader free Xnews Luu Tran
    Novus News Steve
    Nographer Andy Green
    Newsrover 7.2 decode Phil Sherrod
    Newsrover 7.4 encode Phil Sherrod
    NewsPro Adrian Sampaleanu
    NewsPro J.B. Moreno
All-In-One free MyNews Juergen Helbing
  free BNR binary news reader Patrick Aalto
Reader pay Binary Boy Howard Swinehart
Decoder free yDec.exe Juergen Helbing Freeware commandline decoder for Win32
Reader   Ozum Arkadi Kosmynin
Autopost   ypost Don Moore
Proxy free yProxy Brawny Lads
Reader share Tifny 3.7 Janet Kasdan
    Power Grab Chris Morse Sebrell
  share AutoPix Ken Browning
AutoPost free PP2K yEnc Alex Garter
AutoPost free PP2K build 102 Sven Gali
AutoPost free Yenc Power Post Build 3
Grabber   News Harvest Kingsley
Grabber share Newsgroups Pictures Downloader Keronsoft
AutoPost share Post'Em V2.20 Godwin Stewart
Reader   WinVN J.B. Moreno
Reader   Nomad News Daniel Tsang
Reader free Super Gravity Randy Howard

Newsreaders for Windows 3.* which support yEnc

The only known newsreader is Forte Agent in the 16 bit version:

Jürgen Helbing - 10.June 2002 - Email: