Microsoft's Outlook Express does NOT support yEnc

Today is the June, 10th 2002 - and Microsoft does still not support yEnc for Outlook Express.

Microsoft is a very large company. There the management tells the programmers what to do (what is good!).
This (very popular) tool does still not support yEnc directly.External decoders (freeware) are necessary (see 'windows' tools).

If you run OE and want to speed up things then send a feature request to Microsoft.
The only chance to speed things up is that they receive a bunch of request every day. It's up to you.

Here the link to "suggestions" on the Microsoft site:

MS has been notified by myself already in November when this site was created. However such single feature requests are usually not recognized.
Meanwhile you can receive yEncoded messages, save them as raw text and run an external decoder (ydec.exe or TyDecoder) on them.
Or you try one of the freeware newsreaders: XNews, Gravity, MyNews, ....

There is also an FAQ about yEnc from the newsgroup: which contains also a "How to" for external decoding: or

More tips (and a "step by step" guide) for OE users is here:

There is a wonderful applications named yProxy. It is very simple to install - and it decodes yEnc 'in the flight' (to UUencode) so that OE and other newsreaders can understand it. You can still stick to your old newsreader if you use it. Nearly perfect for OE users !

Jürgen Helbing - 10. June 2002 - Email: