yEnc - User questions and FAQ.

Forte (free) Agent

Forte Agent does support yEnc in their release 1.91. (some notes are here)
If you are using an older release of Agent then you can get a free update at their site.

Support of yEnc for the Free Agent has been announced for a later version.

Freqently asked questions (FAQ)

These answers are my very personal answers from my own point of view.

Why are so many people using yEnc for posting now ?

My newsreader does not recognize yEncoded posts - what should I do ?

I dont want that yEnc stuff - how can I get rid of it ?

People are reposting yEncoded stuff in UUencoded form. Isn't this also waste of bandwidth ?

yEnc will make people posting more and more. Isn't this also waste of bandwidth ?

Why are yEncoded messages sometimes badly distributed (incomplete) on Usenet ?

Why are so many yEncoded messages corrupt ?

What to do if a message is corrupt ?

Some text-messages contain =ybegin =yend and confuse my newsreader. What to do ?

Does yEnc damage the Usenet ?

Is my NSP responsible for the correctness of yEncoded messages ?

Using yEnc is considered to be abused by my NSP or newsgroup. What should I do ?

I believe that yEnc could be far better. Who reads my proposals ?

Now some very subjective questions and answers.

Some people say the yEnc is badly designed and was rushed without proper discussion. Is this right ?

Will there be a better designed yEnc (or a better encoding format)?

Some people say that yEnc should be a part of MIME. Why did you not respect MIME ?

Some people say that yEnc makes the introduction of a new and better format very difficult now. Is this correct ?

Changes 10.June.2002:

"bandwith" --> "bandwidth"
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Own pages for Forte Agent

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