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Sites with more info about yEnc

Sites without info about yEnc:

News providers with yEnc capable web-interface

This list contains only providers which notified me directly that they support yEnc.

Please keep in mind that reading such binary news from a webbased news-server will NOT speedup downloads - as they are already decoded 8bit binaries. So there yEnc offers NO download speed improvements. I have no background info how such web-based newsprovider are handling corrupt messages (but I assume they do).

Latest sites which support yEnc and did notfiy me (20.03.2003):

12.Jun.2003: (claims to be the largest free yEnc enabled web-based Usenet Binaries Newseader) (Matthew) (Tim Eckel) (Bruce P.) (Webmaster Ken)


GUBA supports yEnc now (25.05.2002)

(GUBA Admin)

Easynews webinterface supports yEnc (10.04.2002)

(Jens Glauz)

Usenet Replayer supports yEnc for their web-reader and the archive (31.03.2002)

(Carlos Hofmann)'s web based readers supports yEnc (05.03.2002)

I've been notified that the web-interface on does now also support retrieval of yEncoded single- and multiparts.
There is no support for posting in yEnc through this website. (NNTP can be used).

Newsguy's web based reader support yEnc (20.02.2002)

I've been notiffied officially that NewsGuy is now offering yEnc support on its web-based newsreader.
Now also yEncoded messages are detected there and can be downloaded as easy as if they have been UUencoded on Usenet.

This is a simple link to their homepage - yEnc is not a sponsered product:

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